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Deciding When to Use the A/C and When to Open a Window

Depending on the geographical region, up to 70 percent of consumer electric bills might go to air conditioning. To control this expense, people may think more carefully about when they run the A/C, especially if just opening a window will provide enough cooling for their comfort level.

Live a Little Warmer

Consumers might be surprised at how painless it can be to keep their homes just a few degrees warmer in the summer. For every degree below 78 degrees, energy consumption rises by 3 to 4 percent. If you’re comfortable with anything 78 degrees or above, the ceiling fan and an open window may suffice.

Moving Air

Run ceiling fans in occupied rooms. Circulating air with ceiling fans, while the windows are open, enables consumers to run the A/C less. Again, this all depends on your comfort level.

Window Tips

Keep sunlight from entering east and west windows due to solar heating that will occur. Open windows during the overnight hours or the cooler parts of the day to allow cool air to enter the house. Close the windows during the heat of the day.

The conscious use of air conditioning should be an effective way to reduce costs.

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