Northern California, the greater Sacramento area, Air Conditioning Services.

Cool, Clean Air Conditioning

California's bountiful, year-round sun makes keeping a cool home essential in the warmer months. To air condition our area, residents and builders alike know they can trust Sonray Construction to deliver the best results every time. While you can’t turn down the heat outside, Sonray offers many options for turning up the cool air inside. Our skilled, professional teams repair and maintain existing systems regardless of their age and brand.

Our dedicated team of expert professionals in Rocklin has the energy expertise you need and the professional integrity you deserve. With 20 years of hands-on experience building homes in the greater Sacramento area, we're proud of our reputation for solid repair work and very satisfied customers.

As a Sonray customer, you’ll receive prompt, knowledgeable, and dependable service anytime there’s a problem. Our expert technicians will come to your home, evaluate the issue, and explain what needs to be done. We'll always get your approval before beginning any work. We check everything – not just the air temperature, but also the air circulation, humidity, cleanliness, and air quality – to ensure that all aspects of your air conditioning system are regulated and working efficiently and effectively. In addition, we’ll make sure we resolve the service issue to your complete satisfaction. When Sacramento, CA area residents need to properly air condition their homes, they know to put their trust in the professionals from Sonray.

We pledge to make you happy.