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Solar power is a smart choice in sunny California for many reasons. For one, it’s a sustainable, environmentally sound, and reliable independent energy source that can actually put money back in your pocket. When solar consumers generate more energy than they use, they can sell the surplus power back to the local grid for credits. Switching to solar power could even earn you a check from your local power company – and in today’s economy, that cost-saving potential might be the smartest reason to go solar. Sonray Service Team is your premier choice for sourcing solar panels. Sacramento, CA and Rocklin area residents can come to us to make the switch!

For selection, service, and satisfaction, Sonray is your one-stop solar solution. We sell and service all brands of solar panels, and we know which panels will work best for your home. At Sonray Service Team, our customer service promise is simple: We pledge to make you happy. With Sonray, you’ll receive prompt, knowledgeable, and dependable service any time there’s a problem. No matter the age or brand of your solar panels, our expert technicians will ensure they’re working efficiently and effectively. And we’ll listen to you to make sure we’ve resolved the issue to your satisfaction every time.

Join the millions of Californians who’ve switched to solar as a smart, efficient, and sustainable home energy source. For premier service and quality solar panels, Sacramento, CA area residents trust Sonray Service Team. We offer a full range of solar panel solutions for cleaner energy, clearer skies, and incredible cost savings. You’ll enjoy greater energy independence, less environmental impact, and potential credits on your electric bill. What are you waiting for? Call us today to get started!

We pledge to make you happy.