Roofing Contractors Recommend These Top Roof Styles For Different Climates

Choosing the best roof for a home depends on several factors, including the climate in which a person lives. Below are the top roofing materials and styles for different environments according to roofing contractors.

Gable and Hip Roofs

Gable-style roofs, the most common roofs in the United States, shed both rainwater and snow, the latter of which is an important consideration in Northern climates. Hip roofs, which have slopes on all four sides, are stronger and can stand up to forceful winds and hurricanes, which is important in the South. Hip roofs also provide excellent support during heavy snowfall. Many hip and gable roofs are made from asphalt, which is resistant to fire, snow, and wind. However, some asphalt roofs may become overgrown with algae in humid areas, so there are now algae-resistant shingles for those environments.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs can be beautiful, but may collapse under heavy snow or rainfall. However, if your environment suits a flat roof, you can transform it into a patio or garden space. Flat roofs work best in the desert and are mostly made from clay or concrete. These materials are popular in the Southwest because they are resistant to fire and designed to deflect sunshine from houses.

There are many other styles and materials used in roofing, but these are the most popular according to roofing contractors. Local professionals will be able to answer all roofing questions.

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